The transparent research building will facilitate the work of RIVM and the MEB. Daylight, space and lovely views will all make for a pleasant and inspiring work environment. An 18-storey glass tower including offices and laboratories, with green walls around its base that has a range of functions.

RIVM OVhalte

The activities of RIVM and the MEB define the theme of the new building. Generating and sharing new knowledge are the key. The design of the building features a clear and open structure that will encourage collaboration, the exchange of knowledge and planned or spontaneous meetings. Upon entering the building, all areas will be logically located.

What is so special about the building is that it not only houses offices but also laboratories. Some laboratories will be extra secure and include high-containment facilities (ML-III). These laboratories will feature every possible precautionary measure to prevent the risks of the spread of micro-organisms, for instance.

Around one-third of the new building will consist of laboratories. This includes support facilities such as weighing rooms, pantries, storage, technical areas and so on. The laboratories will be used by six different disciplines, namely: Biological, Molecular Biological, Chemical-Physical, Field Laboratories, High Containment and Radionuclides.


The new building is sustainable in many respects. The building is future-proof due to its robust design, column-free working areas, spacious storey height, flexible design and capacity for vertical transport facilities.

By encouraging users to take the stairs and through the choice of installation technology systems, energy generation and equipment, the building is also energy-efficient. Its cooling and heating systems are energy-neutral, with energy requirements being provided locally in a sustainable manner. Furthermore, the existing foundations of the Went Building are being used wherever possible.

The building is accommodated in a visibly sustainable, green structure. Green spaces contribute to a more pleasant and healthy experience for users of the building and its surroundings. The green roofs and walls provide insulation in both winter (heat retention) and summer (cooling).